LCC Photo competitions 2008/09

The following images are the winners in the competitions held this year.
Please Note - The images below, are copyrighted to the respective members.

Club Competitions 2008/09


31st March 2009

1st David Johnstone 2nd Billy McEwen 3rd David Johnstone
Mustang River Mustang

2nd December 2008

1st Neil Robinson 2nd Ian Orr 3rd Ian Orr
MG Lumberjack Sunset

Please note these are temporary images taken with a camera phone to record winners

28th October 2008

1st Norma Macleod 1st Ray Brown 3rd Ray Brown
Autumn Leaves Trees at
Witches Craig
Street Shadow

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Knockout Competition 2008/09

Knockout Competition - This competition will be held on 20th Jan 2009..


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Theme Night Competition Winners


Winners of the Red Hot Theme Night - 11th November 2008.

1st Billy McEwen 2nd Billy McEwen 3rd Norma Macleod


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Winners of the Polution Theme Night - 30th September 2008.

1st Ray Brown 2nd Louise Hanlon 3rd Louise Hanlon


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