LCC Photo competitions 2010/11

The following images are the winners in the competitions held this year.
Please Note - The images below, are copyrighted to the respective members.

Club Competitions 2010/11


22nd Februay 2011

Another great competition, with 34 entries.

Congratulations to the winners ...

1st= Simon Boyle 1st= Ian Lorraine 3rd Simon Boyle
Forth Sunrise Shuttlecock Sunset

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23rd November 2010

Another great competition, with 46 entries, with many various themes.

Congratulations to the winners ...

1st Simon Boyle 2nd Simon Boyle 3rd Ian Lorraine
Falkirk Wheel Blackness Eagle

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5th October 2010

Everyone must have been busy over the summer as we had 42 entries for this competition. Also the digital slide format makes it easier to submit pictures - no pfaffing about printing.

With the average scoring system the following 3 photos tied for first place - congratulations to the winners ...

1st Ian Orr 1st Simon Boyle 1st Simon Boyle
Sunset 2 Bass Stalker Sunset

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Theme Night Competition Winners


Winners of the Music Theme Night - 22nd March 2011


Winners of the Hair Theme Night - 25th January 2011


Winners of the Hope Theme Night - 25th January 2011


Winners of the Abandoned Theme Night - 26th October 2010

1st George Grieve 2nd Norma Macleod 3rd= George Grieve 3rd= Billy McEwen
The Hat Abandoned Beach Abandoned Boat Abandoned Cottage


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