Competition Guidelines

Linlithgow Camera Club – Competition Guidelines

Some guidelines for competitions:

Photographs are to be submitted in jpg format with a  resolution no larger than 1600 x 1200 pixels (the long edge for portrait images must be 1050 pixels maximum)

Maximum 3 images per person (minimum 1 monochrome and 1 colour image, unless otherwise specified)

Try and come up with some catchy names for your photographs, filenames e.g. IMG1461, DSC1146 will not be accepted!

Photographs can be submitted by memory stick at meetings prior to the competition night or by email to
 All entries must be received no later than the Friday night preceding the competition.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may invalidate your entries to the competition!

Scoring will be the usual marks out of 20 format with the winner being decided by the best average score. In the case of a tie, placing will be determined by the highest individual score.

Points from each competition will be recorded in a league table with the overall winner being the photographer with the highest points total in April.

Points to be awarded as follows:

1st                    10 points
2nd                    7 points
3rd                    5 points
4th                    3 points

1 point will be awarded for each photograph submitted which finishes outside the top four places.

This year we are putting more emphasis on feedback. Hearing what others think of our photographs should help us all improve our technique.  Let’s all try and keep things constructive though!

Up to four photographs can be submitted for each open competition or theme night.